Background Removal Services

Most businesses have a great need for clean and clutter-free images that can highlight their products or subjects. Most business also spend a considerable amount of time and resources doing exactly that, getting clutter free images to augment their product or service line. Talented photographers end up doing the editing themselves thus putting great talent to mediocre use. Imagine a full-fledged editing studio that takes care of all your background removal needs, that turns-in your images in 12 hours over night. It’s possible at Webjax!!

At Webjax (Webjax), we offer image editing services to a wide range of industries that include e-Commerce websites, real estate companies, and photo studios among others. With multiple delivery centers in different continents, we have the capability to undertake large volumes of work without compromising on the quality. We have edited over a million images a month and still growing - offering value added services to photographers and marketers the world over.

By outsourcing your background removal services to Webjax, you gain a partner with an industry experience of more than 17 years, who understands the need for efficient background removal services in order to highlight your products or subjects. A partner who adapts technological tools and efficient best practices to speed up the editing process, so that you get the clean & clutter free images out to market.

Benefits of Outsourcing Background Removal Services to Webjax

Webjax can provide your organization with image clipping or path fixing services for different kinds of product shots. If you have photographs, where you want to use only a particular section in the image, then we can fix the path around the object of your choice, providing clear cut images. This can help you use only the desired object on your marketing material, without distractions of the background.

With our skill in image clipping, we can easily fix the path of your choice for any photograph. With our competent image clipping services, you can get access to the specified objects within the photographs that you have taken. Our image clipping services can help you use the images for your website, magazine, newspaper and portfolio amongst others. These days, Image clipping services are also in great demand for ecommerce websites, which use clipped images to display product

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    Our cost-effective image clipping services can help you minimize your operating costs and also help you save on time, effort and extra resources. By outsourcing image clipping services to Webjax, you will not only be saving on operating costs, but you will also be getting access to high-quality services within a fast turnaround time. We can also take up image clipping or clear cutting services for large volumes. Outsource to Webjax and give your business a competitive edge.

    Benefits of Outsourcing Image Clipping Services to Webjax

    • Skilled Team - The image editors at Webjax have a minimum of 5 years of experience in image editing, with expertise in leveraging the latest image editing software including Adobe Photoshop CS6, Adobe Photoshop CC, and Photoshop Lightroom. With an average output of almost 5 million images per year, our team can efficiently remove the background from your images and present your products or subjects in clear backgrounds. Our image editors are also equipped with high-resolution monitors and can work on both MAC and Windows PCs that enables them produce high quality images

    • Quality Standards- Our team of Quality Assurance (QA) performs quality checks for every image that is edited and ensures that it meets the client

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    • s expected standards. We ensure that all edited images have an accuracy level of more than 98%

    • Swift DeliveryOur multiple delivery centers help us in swift delivery of your projects. Our general turnaround time is 24 hours to 48 hours. However, this is subject to change depending on the scope and complexity of your project. We can also provide overnight turnaround if required. You can send the images at the end of your working day for editing

    • Affordable PricingWe understand that our clients have different image editing and background removal needs, and therefore offer multiple pricing models to meet their diverse requirements

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    In partnering with Webjax you will receive superior image editing and background removal services at affordable prices designed to fit the needs of a wide range of different organizations and individuals.

    Contact us today to learn more about our image editing services and how our team can ensure your background removal needs are met quickly, efficiently and affordably.