Webjax Technologies, your trusted BPO partner and service provider for best in class Data Entry Services.

Whether you have tens of records or a few million records to digitize and manually enter, Webjax Technologies offers you excellent professional services and support, with its accurate data entry services. Webjax is a leader in offering data entry outsourcing services since 2000 and has been supporting small to large companies globally across US, UK, Canada, Australia, India, Singapore, Ireland, UAE, France, Germany among others. Webjax is an experienced offshore data entry company with well-trained, data entry experts, guaranteeing over 99% accuracy in data entry. With the help of our data entry India team, our offshore services will help you achieve significant cost-savings of over 40% and make data entry outsourcing affordable.

Webjax incorporates best-in-class technology to automate the data entry process, by implementing OCR and ICR technologies as part of its data entry solutions. We currently handle over 280 million documents a year.

Our Data Entry Services

  • Online Data Entry
  • Logistics Data Entry
  • Manual Data Entry
  • Document Data Entry
  • Invoice and Billing Data Entry Processing
  • Offline Data Entry
  • Image Data Entry
  • Copy Paste Data Entry
  • Document Management
  • Application Forms Data Entry

Our Data Conversion Services

  • Data Conversion
  • HTML Conversion
  • Forms Processing and Entry
  • E-Book Conversion
  • Data File Conversion - XML
  • PDF Conversion
  • SGML Conversion
  • Document Conversion

Data Entry Services with an Emphasis on Quality and Accuracy

Webjax, a global data entry outsourcing services provider, makes use of best-in-class OCR and ICR technology to fulfil the data entry requirements of our clients. Our Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR) and Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technologies can convert over a million handwritten or machine-printed documents into electronic formats daily. This maximizes accuracy of the extracted data, as well as the productivity of the process.

Quality Assurance is a stringent process that we rigorously implement at Webjax. Through this, we aim to ensure that our professionals perform a round of quality checks and implement double data entry to verify and achieve the maximum possible accuracy of data. Webjax prides itself on delivering 99% accuracy level in its data entry services.

We invest heavily to provide training on a continual basis to our data entry professionals and to ensure that Webjax remains one of the top trusted data entry companies in the world. As an ISO 9001 certified data entry company, we are committed to improving our validation and quality control procedures to deliver the highest quality of output for our global clients at all times.

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