Webjax Image Retouching Services

Images are often edited and manipulated for marketing purposes, as this is an innovative and creative way to reach out to your target audience. The right picture can speak a thousand words. If your organization is looking for expert image retouching services or if your portrait studio has thousands of images to be retouched within a fast turnaround time, then you have come to the right place.

At Webjax, we have years of experience in providing Photoshop retouching services to global portrait studios, organizations, professional photographers and publishers amongst others. With the use of the latest image editing software and a team of image editing professionals, we can provide any type of digital image retouching service that you may require.

By choosing to outsource a non-core process like image retouching services, you can save on time, effort and cost. You can also concentrate more on your core competencies. You can count on us for expert image retouching services.

Why outsource Image retouching services?

Image retouching is the process by which the brightness, contrast and gamma of an image are used to alter the intensity of the tones in the image. Retouching an image can remove unwanted material like dust and scratches. Digital image retouching can also be used for changing colors, orientation of objects, selecting and merging images and also to add special effects.

Photo image retouching services is a time consuming process and requires both skill and expertise. Our team of image editing professionals can retouch your images and make your images look well-defined. We work with a variety of formats such as TIFF, JPEG, PSD, GIF, PNG, PGF, RAW, raw digital files and other major image formats. We also undertake format conversion according to client specifications.

Image retouching techniques used at Webjax

We at Webjax use a series of digital image retouching techniques to attain the best results. These techniques combined with the experience and skill of our image editing professionals guarantee the best possible output. Listed below are a few techniques used at Webjax:

  • Tin type restoration

    This technique is used to eliminate spots and scratches. This image retouching technique is also used to brighten the original scan and sharpen the image.

  • Mould removal

    This photo retouching technique is used to remove mould, repair backgrounds and correct the colour contrast in images.

  • Glamour retouching

    This technique is used exclusively when retouching the portfolios of models. This image retouching technique is also used to remove blemishes, highlight and color hair and also to sharpen the original photo.

  • Background removal

    This technique focuses on replacing the background, adding a foreground, sharpening, correcting and reducing colour.

  • Colour correction and restoration

    This technique is used to restore old and faded pictures to its original quality and sharpness.

  • Adding colour to black and white images

    This technique is used to add colour and depth to black and white images.
    We use Adobe Photoshop CS6 and Photoshop plug-ins to carry out image retouching services.

The benefits of outsourcing image retouching services to Webjax

  • Outsourcing image retouching services to Webjax can help your organization saves on time, cost and manpower
  • You can take on more orders while we handle all your image retouching work
  • By choosing Webjax as your image retouching partner you can be assured that your image retouching work will be delivered to you ahead of your schedule
  • We can provide you with customized image retouching services to suit your individual requirements

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